Gaps between fences and their stability

Gaps between fences and their stability

Clearance and stability between baby playpens are important considerations in ensuring the safety of your playpen. Here's more information on both:

Gaps between baby fences:

Gap Size: The gaps between the playpens should be small enough to prevent the baby's body or head from getting caught or stuck in the gap. Generally speaking, the gap should be small enough that the baby cannot fit through or the baby's body will be trapped. Standards recommend that gaps between fences should be no larger than 6.3 cm (2.5 inches).

Horizontal bars or vertical posts: Horizontal bars or vertical posts between playpens should be secure and closely spaced to prevent babies from squeezing or crawling through. Make sure these structures are strong and stable and do not become loose or deformed.

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Secure anchorage: The playpen should be securely anchored to the floor or wall to prevent the baby from knocking over or moving the playpen. Methods of securing a fence can vary depending on the type of fence and the manufacturer's guidelines, but common methods include using screws, locking devices, or securing clamps.

Strong structure: Make sure the fence’s support structure is strong and the materials are reliable and durable. The frame and connections of the playpen should be designed to withstand the jostling and movement of the baby and not be easily loosened or damaged.

Level ground: If the fence is placed on the ground, make sure the ground is level and stable to provide better support and stability.

When purchasing and installing a playpen, be sure to carefully read the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. Follow proper installation steps and usage to ensure your fence has the right gaps and is secure. Regularly check the stability of the playpen and perform necessary maintenance and repairs to ensure that the playpen remains safe and reliable at all times.

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