Collection: Fabric Mesh Baby Playpen

A fabric mesh baby playpen is a type of baby fence that uses fabric as the main material. Compared to metal or plastic playpens, they use soft fabric and mesh to create a safe area to prevent babies from crawling out or squeezing through gaps in the playpen.

This type of playpen is typically made from high-strength fabric for durability and tear resistance. The fabric's mesh structure helps provide breathability and visibility, allowing caregivers to keep an eye on the baby while also keeping the baby comfortable.

Fabric mesh playpens are usually easy to install and remove, and can be adjusted and moved as needed. They are suitable for indoor use, such as in homes, nurseries or kindergartens. However, fabric playpens may not be as effective at providing a physical barrier as metal or plastic playpens, so they require extra attention to your baby's safety when using them.