Collection: Playpen for 0 to 6 months

For babies aged 0 to 6 months, a traditional playpen may not be suitable because they usually haven't started crawling or walking yet. During this stage, the main focus is to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment and ensure they are properly supervised with observation and closeness.

The following are suggestions for playpens or facilities suitable for babies aged 0 to 6 months:

Crib: Provide a safe crib using a crib mattress and crib bumper that meet safety standards. The crib should have fixed side rails to ensure that the baby does not accidentally roll out of the bed while sleeping.

Bassinet: A bassinet is a safe option for babies to sleep in during their early stages. Make sure the bassinet is stable and sturdy, and use reliable safety straps to prevent the bassinet from accidentally tipping over.

Safe Sleeping Environment: The focus of a playpen should be to provide a safe sleeping environment. Follow safe sleep guidelines and make sure your baby sleeps on a flat, firm, clutter-free bed and avoid over-swaddling or heavy bedding.

Supervision and companionship: At this age, babies require close supervision and companionship. Keep babies safe by placing them in a safe place, such as a crib or bassinet, while keeping them within sight.

Safety precautions: In the area where the baby is active, make sure there are no dangerous objects or sharp edges around. Use safety gates to limit baby's access to dangerous areas, such as stairwells or kitchens.

At this age, babies do not need special playpens or play areas as they primarily require a safe, comfortable sleeping environment and supervision. It is important to provide close supervision and bonding time with parents to meet the baby's basic needs and promote their development.