How old can a baby playpen be used for?

How old can a baby playpen be used for?

1. How old can the baby playpen be used?

As for how long the baby playpen can be used, it can only be said that it varies from person to person. If it is used on the bed to prevent falling while sleeping, it can generally be used after the age of three.

If it is a crawling guardrail in the living room that is specially designed to surround an area for the baby to play, it can usually be removed slowly after the baby is one year old and can walk alone, because the baby will be more curious after he starts walking independently. It may not be suitable to use a fence at this time.

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2. How to choose a baby playpen

1. Look at the material. There are four common materials for children's fences, namely PU leather, fabric, wood and plastic. PU leather is usually relatively monotonous in style. Although it does not feel very hard, its permeability is actually very unqualified; the advantage of fabric fence is that it is lightweight, but its structure is relatively loose and poses a greater safety hazard; wooden ones are usually slightly more expensive; Plastic materials are currently the most common.

2. Look at the height of the fence. The standard set by the American Academy of Pediatrics is above 60cm, and basically all fence brands meet this standard. If parents are worried, they can bring a measuring tape to measure when purchasing.

3. Look at the connection method. Today's fences are basically round latches or polygonal latches. If you see a fence fixed with screws, you must stay away.

4. Look at the anti-slip effect. Currently, there are two anti-slip methods for fences on the market, one is to use silicone pads, and the other is to use suction cups. The anti-skid effect of the latter is obviously better than that of the former, but the conditions it requires are also more stringent, that is, the ground must be completely flat. Parents can choose according to the ground environment at home.

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