What are the classifications of baby fences?

What are the classifications of baby fences?

Baby playpens generally fall into the following categories based on their design and purpose:

Fixed playpen: This type of playpen uses screws or other fixing devices to install it on the wall or the ground to ensure the stability of the playpen. Fixed baby playpens are suitable for long-term use and can be used to enclose the baby's activity space or prevent it from entering dangerous areas.

Foldable playpen: This type of playpen is usually constructed with foldable panels for quick installation and removal. Foldable playpens are suitable for situations where the configuration needs to be changed frequently or when you need to take it with you, such as traveling or visiting a friend's house.

Mobile baby fence: This kind of fence usually consists of multiple mobile boards, which can be rotated or folded. The activity board baby fence can be used to enclose the baby's activity space, and can also be used for other purposes, such as as a baby's bed rail or indoor safety door.

Gate playpen: This type of playpen is designed in the form of a door and can be used to divide a room or serve as an entrance to a porch. Gate playpens usually have a locking mechanism to ensure that the baby cannot open it easily.

16-Panel Baby Playpen Safety Play Center with Lockable Gate

According to functional classification, baby fences can be divided into the following categories:

Safety Fence: This is the most common type and is used to provide space for babies to move around safely within a specific area. They can be used to contain babies and prevent them from approaching dangerous areas, such as stairs, kitchens or other potentially risky places.

Sleep Playpens: These playpens are often used in babies' beds to provide a safe sleeping environment. They prevent babies from rolling off the bed while sleeping, reducing the risk of falls.

Activity playpen: This type of playpen is often used to create a safe space for babies to play and explore freely while limiting their scope. They often have removable or foldable features for easy use in different rooms or outdoors.

Gate Fences: These fences are designed in the form of gates and are used to divide rooms or serve as entrances and exits to porches. They can be used to restrict baby access to specific areas, such as the kitchen or office.

Multifunctional playpens: These playpens come with additional features such as baby activity boards, toy racks, music players, etc. They provide opportunities for fun and learning while still keeping baby safe.

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