What types of baby playpens are there?

What types of baby playpens are there?

There are many types of playpens, each with different designs and uses. Here are some common types of playpens:

Fixed Fence: Fixed fencing is one of the most common types. They usually consist of large playpens fixed to the wall or floor, providing a safe, enclosed space that limits the baby's movement. This type of fence is usually a permanent installation and is suitable for areas of the home that are intended for long-term use.

Folding Fences: Folding fences are portable fences that can be folded and unfolded for easy portability and storage. They usually consist of removable fence panels that can be shaped and sized as needed. This type of playpen is ideal for travel, family visitors, or when a baby's area needs to be temporarily restricted.

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Movable fence: A movable fence is a multi-functional fence type that usually consists of movable fence panels and other accessories, such as toy movable panels, music panels, etc. This kind of fence can be used to limit the baby's range of activities, and can also provide entertainment and learning functions. Playpens are often used in play areas for babies and toddlers.

Gate Fence: A gate fence is a fence with a gate that allows easy access to and from the fenced area. They usually consist of one or more fixed fence panels and a door that opens and closes. Gate-type fences are suitable for situations where frequent access to the fenced area is required, such as when a baby moves between rooms.

Bed Rails: A bed rail is a fence specifically designed for use on beds. They are usually mounted on the side of the bed and provide extra safety to prevent the baby from falling out of the bed. Bed rails are ideal for transitional toddler beds or special situations where extra protection is needed.

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