Which is more stable, wooden fence or plastic fence?

Which is more stable, wooden fence or plastic fence?

In terms of stability, wooden fences are generally more stable than plastic fences. Here’s why:

Weight and sturdiness: Wooden fences are generally heavier than plastic fences, and the wood itself has a higher density and sturdiness, which makes wooden fences more stable when placed.

Structure and connections: Wooden fences usually have strong structures and connections, such as mortise and tenon connections or metal bolt connections. These methods provide a stronger fixation and reduce the swing and looseness of the fence.

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However, this does not mean that plastic fences are completely unstable. Plastic fences can use reinforced structures and connectors during the design and manufacturing process to improve their stability. In addition, the stability of a plastic fence is affected by factors such as its own weight, base design, and the stability of the surface on which it is placed.

Overall, if you are more concerned about stability, a wooden fence may be a better choice. But no matter which type of fence material you choose, you should ensure that it meets safety standards and is installed and used correctly to ensure the safety of your baby.

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