Which type of playpen material is easier to clean?

Which type of playpen material is easier to clean?

Playpens made of plastic are generally easier to clean. Here are some of the easy-to-clean advantages of plastic fences:

Smooth surface: Plastic fences typically have a smooth surface that won’t attract dust, dirt, or food particles, which makes cleaning easier. You can remove stains by gently wiping with a damp cloth or mild detergent.

Water resistance: Plastic is a water-resistant material and is not easily affected by moisture or deformation. This means you can use water and soap or detergent to clean without worrying about damaging the structure or appearance of your fence.

Non-permeable: Compared to other materials, plastic is generally less permeable to liquids or stains. This means if your baby spills food or liquid on the playpen, it can be removed by simply wiping with a damp cloth without leaving hard-to-remove stains on the playpen.

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Durability: The high-quality plastic material has good durability and can withstand daily use and cleaning. They won't wear or fade easily and will stand the test of time.

Although plastic fences are easy to clean, other materials like metal and solid wood fences can also be cleaned, but may require more meticulous work and specific cleaning methods. No matter which playpen material you choose, it is recommended that you read the product instructions carefully before cleaning to understand the manufacturer's recommendations and restrictions to ensure proper cleaning methods.

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