Why a playpen is really worth it

Why a playpen is really worth it

A playpen isn't necessarily at the top of many parents' wish lists. But I can only recommend it to you based on my own mom recommendation: It will save you, like me, in many stressful situations at home!


For many adults, playpens still have an unpleasant reputation as a kind of “baby prison” or are sometimes jokingly compared to a “rabbit hutch”. But it's not the case that you "lock" your child there out of laziness. Worries that the little ones would not like spending time there are also completely unfounded in most cases.

Personally, it was somehow clear to me from the start that as a new mom I would definitely need a playpen. I knew this from when my sister, who was almost ten years younger than me, was a baby, and my lovely new great-grandmother gave us the model we wanted for the birth of our first child. So much in advance: I have not once regretted the investment! For our son, his playpen became a comfortable rest oasis from day 1 after he was discharged from the hospital and later became a beloved mini playground.

Large Baby Playpen with Toys Kit Toddler Game Fence


Clever everyday saver

No matter how much you love your child, in everyday life it is simply not possible to keep them close to you or to keep an eye on them all the time. A good playpen makes it easier for you to be able to safely put your child down or sit down when you want to do something else in peace. This is a huge relief in a wide variety of everyday situations, such as:

when doing housework: cooking or vacuuming with a baby in your arms? Doesn't necessarily have to be.
for a short “me time”: Moms also need time for themselves!
while working from home.
for more peace within the family: In fact, you sometimes have to shield the little ones from their siblings or pets ;)
If your sweetheart still has his favorite toys with him during his time in the playpen, there is a good chance that he will enjoy them and use them to play extensively.

Long service life

A playpen is useful right from birth. Many models have adjustable levels. If the lying surface is in the top position, the playpen with a good mattress can replace the cradle, bassinet, etc. from day 1. A playpen is larger and can be used over a much longer period of time, so the price-performance ratio is right.

Older babies can later sit and play on a lower level in the same playpen without crawling away unnoticed. Even in the most child-safe apartment, sometimes you just don't want to leave your little adventurers alone in the room. While they are now too big for bouncers or wouldn't stop at the edge of their playmat anyway, a playpen is also a good solution for this time.

And it will serve you faithfully until your baby can climb over the bars themselves. Because of the risk of injury, the playpen should then be dismantled. But it will take quite a while until then. Most children don't start climbing experiments like this until they're around 18 months old.


The all-rounder

My personal favorite and bestseller among miBaby moms and dads is the Roba Liebhabbär playpen. It has a height-adjustable base and is therefore suitable from birth. In addition, thanks to its hexagonal shape and generous dimensions, it also offers plenty of space later on to become a safe play area at home for babies who are already more mobile. A softly padded and washable insert is already included with the Roba playpen. For the very little ones, however, you should also buy the right, back-friendly mattress.

Alternative for little space

The Pinolino Levin playpen, which is also height-adjustable, is a little more compact, but can also be used more mobile. Thanks to its narrow shape and wheels, it can be easily pushed from room to room through all door frames. This playpen can also be folded up in just a few steps to make transport even easier. It is therefore ideal if you always want to keep a close eye on your little darling in his playpen during a variety of everyday tasks. And when it's not in use, it can be stowed away to save space.

The price hit

Would you like to have a playpen but don't want to spend a lot of money on it? Then I recommend the Babycab playpen Laura. For a really great price you get a practical playpen that you can also use as a travel bed. The Babycab can be folded up quickly, stored to save space and at the same time is a safe and robust playground for your little darling. The only disadvantage compared to the two models mentioned above: the lounger/seat is not height adjustable. Otherwise, the Babycab gets the verdict from us: absolutely recommended!

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