After reading this, you will know whether it is necessary to buy a children's playpen

After reading this, you will know whether it is necessary to buy a children's playpen

Many mothers use playpens for their babies at home, and enclose a small area for their babies. In this way, parents can do their own things at ease, which is very convenient. However, some domestic and foreign parenting books oppose the use of playpens, believing that this will affect infants' exploration of the outside world. Is it necessary to buy a playpen for your baby? The editor believes that the key to whether the role of the playpen is good or bad lies in the method of use.

What are the benefits of a baby playpen?

1. Freeing up mother's hands

Mom can put the baby in the playpen while working, cooking or doing other things, and let the baby play by himself in a safe area. The children's playpen, combined with crawling mats and other interesting toys, can make the baby play quietly by himself for a while, instead of lying in the crib and crying because he can't see his mother. A good children's playpen will have an [educational toy bar], which will more or less contain five ways of playing: touching, pressing, turning, rolling, and counting, which can promote the baby's brain development, train the baby's audio-visual and visual perception abilities, and cultivate the baby's concentration.

Home Baby Playpen Little House Fence family playground

Moreover, if there is no children's playpen, the baby will crawl out of the crawling mat from time to time when learning to crawl, increasing the baby's risk of danger.

2. Protect the baby's safety

The children's fence can separate the baby's own space and temporarily isolate it from the dangerous world outside (glasses on the table, table corners, stool legs, thermos bottles, etc., which seem ordinary to adults, may cause serious harm to the baby).

Baoma can put all the toys belonging to the baby in this fence, which is cleaner and tidier than the whole house full of toys. You can also buy a storage rack and put it in the fence, and play whatever you want. However, don't give the baby too many toys each time, which will distract the baby's cognitive ability and attention. It is recommended to have 2-3 pieces at a time.

3. Cultivate the baby's independence

The children's fence can provide the baby with a safe personal space. The game bar it comes with or the toys placed by the mother in the fence can let the baby play to his heart's content, reduce external interference, and allow the baby to focus on the game and thinking, which helps to cultivate the baby's independent exploration ability and concentration, and avoid excessive dependence on the mother.

4. Toddler artifact

A good children's playpen does not need to worry about the baby pushing it down or pushing it. Babies of the right age can hold the fence to practice standing or learning to walk. Bai Nuoen reminds that when the baby is learning to walk, parents should not pull the baby's arms or hang the baby's arms to "help" the baby to learn to walk, which will hurt the baby's bone development. Mothers do not need to worry that the baby will use the fence as a step to turn over and "escape". Brand merchants will not design a gap in the middle of the fence for the baby to climb. Even if there is a gap, it is too small for the baby to climb, so there is no need to worry about this problem.

What mothers should pay attention to is whether the baby's height has exceeded the applicable height of this fence.

Three Don'ts for Using Fences for Babies

1. Don't throw your baby into the fence and ignore it. Even if you put your baby in the fence, parents need to play with their children from time to time. Don't let the baby think that he is "locked up". Let him feel that he is just playing in his own little world. You must spend time accompanying your baby, so that the baby can grow up healthily!
2. Don't buy cheap unbranded fences
A good fence must ensure safety in two aspects: material and design. The material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The design is scientific and has no safety hazards.
3. Don't use it for too long
How old can the baby be used for the fence? If the design is good, it can generally be used until 1.5 to 2 years old, and then it can be retired.

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