Under what circumstances should the baby fence be gradually reduced or removed?

Under what circumstances should the baby fence be gradually reduced or removed?

As for when the baby playpen should be gradually reduced or removed, I think it mainly depends on the following factors:

Children's age and development level: As children grow up, their cognitive ability and motor coordination are also constantly improving. Usually when children reach about 2-3 years old, they can gradually start to reduce or remove the fence because they already have a certain degree of independent activity and safety awareness.

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Children's safety awareness and self-protection ability: If it is observed that the child has a good sense of safety, can manage himself, and avoid dangerous behaviors, then the restrictions on his range of activities can be gradually relaxed.

Home environment safety: Before removing the baby fence, it is necessary to ensure that other dangerous factors in the home have been well controlled and isolated to ensure the safety of the children.

Parents' supervision level: If parents can maintain good supervision and pay attention to children's activities and safety at any time, they can also consider appropriately reducing or removing the fence.

Children's needs and wishes: If children show a strong desire for independence and exploration, parents should respond appropriately according to the actual situation and gradually relax restrictions.

In general, when deciding to remove a playpen, you should focus on the child's specific development level and family environment, make adequate assessments and preparations, and ensure that the child's independence and spirit of exploration are promoted while ensuring safety. This requires parents to be flexible based on the actual situation. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult.

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