Are playpens useful?

Are playpens useful?

A playpen is a protective fence specifically for children. There are many types of children's playpens on the market. Common materials include PP, PE, HDPE, environmentally friendly plastic materials, etc. Some playpens are also made of Oxford cloth, solid wood, steel pipes and other materials. So, do children’s playpens work?

Are playpens useful?

Playpens first emerged in Japan. Their main function is to facilitate mothers to take care of their children while doing housework. If the child looks away for a moment, he or she will find that things have been thrown away, the baby has been knocked over, or the child is only a little away from the dangerous object in front of him. So this is when the playpen comes into play. Put children in a safe range of activities to effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The children's playpen can divide the home into an independent area, which is a "territory" that belongs to the baby. The baby can play freely in this area. All the toys are his own. It can also exercise the baby's independent ability and develop the brain. Occasionally, if other children come to visit, you can invite them to visit your kingdom and play together.

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Another very practical thing is that the mother can put all the toys belonging to the baby in this playpen, which is cleaner and tidier than the whole house filled with toys. She can also buy a storage rack and put it in the playpen, so she can play with whichever one she wants. Which. However, don’t give your baby too many toys at a time, as this will distract your baby’s cognitive ability and attention, which is not good.

Mothers can put their babies in the playpen and let them play by themselves while working, cooking or doing other things. A children's playpen combined with a crawling mat and other interesting toys can allow the baby to play quietly on his own instead of crying in the crib because he can't see his mother.

What should I do if the suction cup of the playpen cannot hold it?

1. Water: The most common method is to put some water on the back of the suction cup hook before sticking it to the wall, and then quickly stick it to the wall.

2. Soapy water: If you need better effect, you can use soapy water. Also apply soapy water on the back of the suction cup hook, and then quickly stick it to the wall. When it is completely dry, you can hang things. The effect is very good.

3. Egg white: Using egg white will be more troublesome. You need to separate the egg white from the egg first, and then use a cotton swab to smear the egg white on the back of the hook. Apply evenly and stick the hook to the location where you need to hang things. Be careful not to hang things immediately on the hook that has just been glued on. Wait until the egg white is completely dry, which usually takes about 12 hours. At this time, under the action of the egg white, the suction cup hook will become very strong and you will no longer need to hang things. Worry about falling frequently.

4. Toothpaste: If you feel that using egg white is troublesome and wasteful, you can use something simpler that is often used in your life instead. The best thing is toothpaste. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of toothpaste and apply it on the back of the suction cup hook, and then stick it in the corresponding position. When the toothpaste is almost combined with the hook, you can hang things.

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