Is it necessary to buy a baby above ground playpen?

Is it necessary to buy a baby above ground playpen?

After the baby is 6 months old, there is a controversial maternal and infant item - the ground playpen (also called a baby guardrail or a safety guardrail). The playpen is mainly used to create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby after the baby can crawl and walk, and to free the mother's hands.

However, everyone has different opinions on whether it is necessary to buy a baby playpen. Some people say don’t buy it, IQ tax; some people say you must buy it, it smells so good! For new parents, who do you listen to?

Is it necessary to buy a playpen?

As someone who has been there, I can definitely say: a playpen is not a necessity.

However, for the following two situations, a playpen is necessary to buy!

1. A mother raising her baby alone

If you often take care of your children alone, then a playpen is a must.

Because of the playpen, mom's hands can be freed. When something happens, put your baby in the playpen, where he can safely play with toys and read picture books. At this time, mother can rest assured to wash clothes, cook, and do housework. Of course, she can also rest for a while or do other things.

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2. There are many dangers and hidden dangers at home

When babies practice crawling, standing, and walking, they can easily fall or touch dangerous objects. If there are many hidden dangers in your home, such as corners, sharp edges, wire plugs, thermos bottles, kettles, etc., and you have no way to avoid these safety hazards, then it will be much safer for your baby to play in a playpen.

Of course, if you have a lot of kids at home and your home is relatively safe, you don’t need to buy a playpen.

In addition, another function of the playpen is that it is not easy to lose toys when playing in it, so that small toys such as building blocks will not be scattered all over the house.

Playpen options

Generally, after the baby is 6 months old, we can prepare the playpen. Learning to crawl, practice standing, and learning to walk, playpens can all help.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following points:


The material of the playpen should be HDPE as much as possible. This material does not contain bisphenol A, no formaldehyde, is safe and has no odor, and it will not be a problem even if the baby bites it.

2. Stability

The stability of the playpen is very important. With a reinforced playpen, the baby cannot push it over and the safety is more guaranteed. This includes guardrails that are tightly constructed and equipped with details such as anti-slip pads and suction cups.

3. Brand

You must choose a regular brand for the playpen, preferably a big brand, which is more reliable in terms of materials and details.

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