Baby playpen shapes and sizes

Baby playpen shapes and sizes

The choice of shape depends entirely on the preferences of the parents and the conditions of the apartment: whether square, hexagonal or even octagonal, the options are diverse. Therefore, before buying, you should consider where the stable will be placed: the square version can be placed flush in a corner, while this cannot be done with hexagonal or octagonal models.

The size of a playpen depends in part on its shape. As a rule of thumb, parents can assume that playpens with more than four corners tend to be larger. This is usually not due to actual size, but rather because the inner surface appears larger without right angles.

Parents who want to set up a playpen in different rooms depending on the situation should consider the size of the door opening when choosing a model.

Experts recommend a fence size of 100 x 100 cm for a single child. This gives the little one plenty of room to move freely. If you have several children, you can choose the same size, but you must also pay attention to the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer.

Beige Playpen with Hand Pull Ring Child Playpen Center

Parents should pay attention to these features when purchasing

In addition to material, shape, and size, other attributes are important when choosing a playpen. These are mainly practical extras for everyday life.

Height adjustable

The height-adjustable playpen can grow with your child until around 18 months. Floors can be used at different heights - two or three settings are common.

Once the child can sit independently (around 10 months of age), it is recommended to set the playpen floor to the lowest level.

The main purpose of this is to change the height of the door relative to the floor: for babies, the floor can be set higher so that parents don't have to bend to carry the child out. For older, larger and active children, the floor will be lowered. The resulting taller grid walls provide better protection.

scroll move

Models with wheels offer a particularly practical solution for parents who want to move the playpen frequently. Depending on the model, this type of playpen has four wheels or a combination of two wheels and two feet. This means the playpen can be easily moved without having to lift it.

Especially important for this version of the playpen is that the wheels can be locked. If this is not the case, the child may push against the walls of the room or nearby furniture, causing the entire playpen to move.

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