Can you give some advice on how to make sure the toys in the playpen are safe and non-toxic?

Can you give some advice on how to make sure the toys in the playpen are safe and non-toxic?

It’s every parent’s responsibility to make sure the toys in the playpen are safe and non-toxic, here are some suggestions:

Choose toys that meet safety standards:

Check the labels on the toys to ensure they comply with national safety standards and quality certifications, such as 3C certification marks and inspection and quarantine certificates.

Pay attention to the age range of toys and choose toys that are suitable for your baby's age group.

Avoid buying potentially dangerous toys:

Avoid buying toys with strings, as the strings can get wrapped around your baby's fingers or neck, causing injury.

Do not buy hydrogen balloons because hydrogen has a low ignition point and may explode or burn. It is recommended to choose helium-filled balloons.

Avoid buying laser pointers and toys that emit red light to avoid damaging your baby's eyes.

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Pay attention to the material and ingredients of the toy:

Avoid buying toys that contain excessive levels of boron, which may cause poisoning and other adverse reactions [1].
Pay attention to the quality of plush toys and choose plush toys that have no odor, no sharp edges, and have official certificates of conformity.

Pay attention to plasticizers in plastic toys, such as phthalates and bisphenol A, and avoid buying plastic toys containing these harmful substances.

Check and clean toys regularly:

Check the condition of toys regularly to make sure there are no damaged or loose parts that could cause harm to your baby.

Clean toys regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and bacteria.

Supervise your baby’s play:

When babies play, adults should supervise and accompany them to ensure their safety.

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