How long should a baby play in the playpen at a time?

How long should a baby play in the playpen at a time?

The amount of time a baby should play in the playpen should be determined based on the baby's age and individual differences. Here are some suggestions:

Newborn to 3 months: At this stage, babies mainly need contact and closeness with their parents, and pen time should be less. Some safe toys can be placed in the playpen to allow babies to play and explore for a short period of time with their parents.

3 months to 6 months: The baby begins to become interested in the surrounding environment at this stage, and the time in the enclosure can be gradually increased. Each play time can range from a few minutes to more than ten minutes, but still requires parental companionship and supervision.

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6 months to 1 year old: Babies at this stage are already able to sit firmly, crawl and explore their surroundings. They can play longer in a playpen but still require parental supervision and safety.

Age 1+: As your baby learns to walk, the playpen may become less useful. They prefer free movement and exploration, and a fence may restrict their movements. At this stage, the pen time can be gradually reduced to give the baby more free space.

It should be noted that the above are just some suggestions. Each baby's development and preferences are different, and parents should decide the length of playpen time based on their baby's situation.

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