Cradles and playpens

Cradles and playpens

Many parents use a mechanical rocker when their baby is crying but there is nothing they can do, especially a mechanical rocker with a stand that can calm the baby. If you purchase a bassinet, don't put your child in the bassinet until he can sit up on his own (usually between 7 and 9 months). Only use a rocker that is firmly supported on the floor, not one that hangs from a door frame. The shaker should be used no more than 1 hour and no more than 2 times in 1 day. Although a rocking bed can calm your child, it cannot replace your concern.

Once your child starts moving around, a playpen may be needed. Even before your child starts crawling or walking, an outdoor playpen can provide a protected place for your child to sit and lie down, which is just as important for families without an indoor crib. Remember not to stray too far from the playpen. Although it's not certain, babies who are used to it now will prefer to stay in the playpen as they grow up: some babies don't mind being surrounded, while others strongly object.

What should I do if my baby doesn't want to stay in the playpen?

My baby is almost eight months old. Recently, I have found that the baby does not want to stay in the playpen. He cries as soon as he is put in the playpen and becomes happy when he is taken out. So what should I do?

Baby floor crawling mat Toddler play mat

Then don't put your baby in a playpen. If the mother is afraid that the baby will fall off the bed if she puts her baby on the bed, it is recommended that the mother clean the floor, cover it with mats, and then buy a special play crawling mat for the baby. This way, the mother can cook and do housework during the day. , the baby can play on the crawling mat without fear of getting hurt.

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