How to buy a cheap and easy-to-use baby playpen climbing mat?

How to buy a cheap and easy-to-use baby playpen climbing mat?

After having my second baby, I would read various reviews online whenever I had free time, and try to avoid the pitfalls I encountered while raising my second baby. I think I spent a lot less money on raising my second child than raising my eldest child. The things I bought are very cost-effective and worth a lot!

When it comes to buying playpens and climbing mats, I believe that the biggest headache for parents is that they take up too much space, and the use time is not too long. Most of them are used before the baby is one year old, and they are not of much use after the baby can walk. , if the purchase is too expensive, it will be heartbreaking to sell it second-hand for less money. Today I am sharing the baby playpen + crawling mat that I bought for only 120 yuan. I think it is perfect for my home situation!

After the second baby was three months old, she gradually started to roll over freely. I didn’t dare to put her on the bed alone for fear that she would fall to the ground if I wasn’t careful. But as I often take care of the baby at home alone, I can’t be there 24 hours a day. around her. If I buy a bed bumper and put her in the bedroom, the disadvantage is that if I do things in the kitchen or living room, the baby won't be able to see me and may cry. So I planned to buy a fence in the living room to "close" her, so that I can do things without worry and she can see me at any time. However, for families with limited living room space, the choice of fence size is very limited. The more mainstream fences on the market are hard, as shown below:

Foldable baby playpen baby folding play pen home indoor outdoor new fence

This kind of fence may look good, but it feels average when used. It will feel a bit hard when the baby's head hits it, and it is not strong enough. It is expensive. Another disadvantage is that this kind of fence makes it difficult for the baby to see outside the fence when lying down. That means you may not be able to see the mother doing something, and the baby may cry.

After repeated comparisons, I decided to try the fence as shown below:

Gray toddler playpen with soft breathable mesh large baby play yard

This kind of fence is also removable. The minimum size is 1.2×1.2 meters. You can install it by yourself when it arrives. It is relatively simple. After installation, it is a whole. The pipe columns are all soft-packed, so the baby will not bump into them. The fence wall is mesh-like and transparent. Yes, adults can see the baby inside, and the baby can also see the adults when the baby is lying on his stomach. Moreover, the price of this kind of fence is very affordable. I bought the 1.2×1.2 meter size.

After choosing the fence, you need to choose a climbing mat that matches it. There is not much choice for small-sized climbing mats, but you can’t just buy a Sanwu product. After all, it is for babies. Finally, I chose the Fei A splicable climbing mat from Xue has a size of 60 x 60 cm per piece. Just buy 4 pieces to form a 1.2 x 1.2 meter.

I often see in maternal and child products transfer groups that second-hand fences and climbing mats cost two to three hundred dollars. I think I spent 120 US dollars to buy a new fence and climbing mat. I feel very happy and feel that I have saved a lot. Pen, haha.

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