How old can a crawling mat fence be?

How old can a crawling mat fence be?

The length of time a crawling mat playpen should be used depends primarily on the age and stage of development of the child. Generally speaking, babies will start learning to crawl around 7 months old. At this time, in order to protect the safety of the baby, parents may choose to purchase crawling mats and playpens. A crawling mat can usually be used until your baby is about one to one and a half weeks old, but the specific time may vary depending on individual differences. Once your baby is able to walk independently and feels safer and less likely to fall, a fence may no longer be necessary.

The age of a fence may also be affected by its size. Smaller playpens may no longer be suitable around the first year of life, when your baby's range of activities expands and the playpen may limit their exploration. And with larger playpens, they may be better suited for longer periods of time, even until two or three years old after your baby can walk.

In general, there is no fixed standard for the service life of a crawling mat fence. It needs to be decided based on the actual development and needs of the child when to stop using it.

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What should I do if the crawling mat is bigger than the fence?

If your crawling mat is larger than your fence, you may need to take some steps to fix the problem. First, you need to make sure the dimensions match between the crawling mat and the fence. If you choose the correct size, you can place the fence on a crawling mat. When purchasing, make sure the size of the crawling mat is larger than or equal to the size of the fence. Once you've identified the right crawling mat, you can follow these steps:

Measure and Confirm: First, measure the length and width of your fence to make sure they can be completely covered by the crawl mat.

Choose a suitable location: Depending on the size of the fence, choose a suitable place to place the fence.

Install the fence: Place the fence in the selected location and follow the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Make sure all parts are in place and secure.

Adjust the height: If necessary, the height of the fence can be adjusted appropriately to fit the crawling mat.
Check stability: After installation, check whether the fence is stable and whether the suction cups have been fixed.

By following the steps above, you should be able to effectively combine a large crawling mat with a fence. At the same time, in order to avoid any potential safety risks, be sure to carefully check all installation processes to ensure their safety.

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