Should a crawling mat be larger or smaller than a fence?

Should a crawling mat be larger or smaller than a fence?

Choosing the size of your crawling mat should be based on the following factors:

Your baby’s activity level and stage of growth:

When your baby first learns to crawl, the crawling speed is slower because the bones are still developing, so you can choose a smaller size crawling mat to adapt to the baby's range of activities and growth needs.

As babies grow, their crawling movements will become more proficient and the space they need for activities will increase accordingly. At this time, it may be necessary to replace the crawling mat with a larger size.

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Baby’s personality and interests:

If your baby is naturally active and active, a larger crawler mat may be better suited to allow more room for exploration and learning.

For babies who are naturally less mobile or have a smaller range of motion, a smaller crawler mat may be enough.

The reality of the home space:

Decide on purchasing the right size crawling mat based on the actual area and layout of your home.

To sum up, there is no fixed rule that the crawling pad must be larger or smaller than the playpen. Instead, it needs to be decided based on the baby's activity level, personality characteristics, and the space conditions of the family. Generally speaking, you can start with a small size, and as the baby grows and the range of activities increases, you can change to a larger size crawling mat in due course.

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