If the baby wants to walk, safety is the most important thing. Walking on the fence

If the baby wants to walk, safety is the most important thing. Walking on the fence

Recently, my baby has reached the time to embrace the wider world, and is increasingly unwilling to stay in the playpen on the bed at home. So the first step is to create a safe range of activities in the living room, and the next step is to Some teachers at home put anti-collision strips on them so that when they can walk, they can start running freely.

The first thing I looked at was a product that looked like a bed railing, with a cloth fence around it. Later, I felt it looked too much like a bed railing, so I didn’t buy it.

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After that, I wanted to buy a hard plastic style baby fence with a fuller shape and a stronger feel, so I looked online. I was worried that the new plastic would have a smell and the price was not cheap, so I decided to I took a look at Xianyu and found that they are basically under 50% off, and they are also used. As long as the quality is not too bad, they are still good. Of course, when buying Xianyu, you should pay attention to exclusive sales and personal use. I don’t like the merchants’ outfits above. The ones where a person is selling something.

I had seen a few before, but I saw one the day before yesterday. The seller said it was very new and sent a screenshot. After looking at it, it was indeed very new and the other person’s house was clean, so I felt more at ease. I quickly confirmed the price and placed an order to pick up the goods.

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