The baby playpen provides safe protection and warmly accompanies the growth of newborns

The baby playpen provides safe protection and warmly accompanies the growth of newborns

It is really better to prepare a safety fence like this for your baby after he can crawl at 6 months. For example, our daughter once fell out of bed. When she was sleeping at night, she rolled over and fell. My head is really hurting. When I go to bed at night, I have to pay attention to whether the baby has fallen out.

Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare such a safety baby playpen, which can not only protect the safety of the baby, but also allow the mother to have a good sleep.

Heightened and reinforced, seamless and safe lifting and tiling, easy to disassemble and wash

Separate, removable and washable, compact mattress, thickened steel tube, stable load-bearing, safe and odorless bedside fixation

Detachable upper crossbar, anti-collision, unobstructed passage, no collision when getting on and off the bed, more comfortable interaction and play with the baby on the bed, no pressure on the bar, can be used by parents to pass without obstacles

Large Baby Playpen

Easy to disassemble and wash, 3 steps to solve the big problem of disassembly and washing of bed fenders. Ordinary bed fenders cannot be disassembled and washed, resulting in the breeding of a large number of bacteria. Removing and washing is a waste of effort. Why not try our easy to remove and wash

Press the button and pull up to separate the upper crossbar

Press the metal button to separate the lower crossbar. It can be disassembled and washed successfully. It is simple and convenient.

Press the mattress tightly to prevent your hands and feet from getting stuck

The adjustable bed-type design can tightly press mattresses of various thicknesses to prevent the baby from getting stuck in the hand caused by naughty "drilling holes".

Seamless press-type design is truly seamless

Double lock protection, an opening method that only Mom knows how to open

It can be raised and lowered by twisting and pressing to prevent the baby from accidentally pressing the lifting button. Rotate the button counterclockwise to lift the crossbar, and press it to raise and lower accordingly.

Bedside fixed crossbar provides safety and multiple access. The bumper package does not come with it and needs to be purchased separately.

The castle style fully surrounds the baby to sleep peacefully, and the mother feels at ease

Inverted F cross, stable chassis, flexible snap-on packaging, adaptable to various bed types on the market

Comes with free straps for added stability

24-position pull-button free lifting and tool-free, one-click bottoming. Can be used for mattresses with a thickness within 31 cm.

About bed installation

1. For built-in beds, bed guardrails can be installed as long as a finger can be squeezed between the mattress and the edge of the bed (because the mattress is elastic and fingers can be squeezed in)!

2. For flat bed type, the mattress is easy to shift and the guardrails need to be fixed with screws.

3. For non-embedded iron frame beds, the mattress is easy to shift, the base cannot be placed, and the bed cannot be fixed with screws. It is difficult to use bed guardrails. It is not recommended to buy!

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