If you want your baby to grow taller, please seize several key periods

If you want your baby to grow taller, please seize several key periods

Competition in today's society is fierce. In addition to ability, appearance and image are also very important. In order to give their children a good image and appearance, parents attach great importance to their children's height growth. The editor reminds everyone that if you want your children to grow taller, you must seize the critical growth period. Come and learn more.

For your baby to grow taller, seize several critical periods

1.0-12 months

Babies under one year old grow and develop at an alarming rate. It can be said that they change every day. The clothes you bought for your baby before may not be able to wear.

2.4-6 years old

This is the reserve period for the baby's growth and development, laying the foundation for future growth. Therefore, parents should adjust their diet in time according to their baby's growth and development so that he can have a good body.

3.10-16 years old

When the child reaches this age, parents should provide him with calcium in time to promote physical development. Give your child a glass of milk or an egg every day, which can supplement high-quality protein.

4.Above 16 years old

The ages 17-25 and 16-23 are the final stages of a child’s height development. If the child is short, parents should make good use of this critical period.

How to make babies grow taller

1. Get enough sleep

Children are in the golden period of growth and development, and growth mainly depends on growth hormone stimulation. Growth hormone is most secreted between 11 and 2 pm, so put your child to bed before 10 pm and don't let him stay up late to ensure adequate sleep.

2. Ensure a balanced diet

During the growth and development of children, parents should ensure that the baby eats a balanced diet and provides sufficient protein and calcium. Children's height growth cannot be separated from these two elements. Do not give your baby supplements at will. If the daily diet can already meet the needs of growth and development, taking supplements at will will lead to overnutrition of the child and is not conducive to healthy growth.

3. Reasonable exercise

In addition to paying attention to diet and sleep, exercise is also a very important part. If parents want their babies to grow taller, it is crucial for their children to exercise more. Parents can take their children for a walk outdoors, such as high jumping in place. At the same time, basking in the sun can also promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, improve the utilization of calcium, and enhance resistance.

4. Keep a good mood

A good mood promotes height growth, so parents should create a good family atmosphere for their children and not put too much pressure on them, so as not to cause endocrine disorders in the body and affect the secretion of growth hormone.

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