The baby is under three years old, parents please grow up with him

The baby is under three years old, parents please grow up with him

The healthy growth of a baby is indispensable for the company of parents. Experts believe that the company of parents has many benefits for the growth and development of babies. It is recommended not to send your baby to a full day care education institution. Especially before the baby is 3 years old, it is best for parents to grow up with him. So, what should parents do when accompanying their babies? Come and take a look~

Give your baby free space to explore the world

Babies have been learning and exploring their bodies since birth. She discovered that she could do many things with her hands, such as grabbing things and crawling on the ground. A playpen keeps them safe. During this process of exploration, babies are also learning how to better coordinate their body movements.

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Parents can place the baby on the floor and let him play by himself. The baby can move freely on the floor and fully stretch all parts of his body and limbs, which is conducive to physical growth and functional development.

Remove the diaper and let the baby crawl freely

Diapers are a necessity for babies in daily life. Mothers will wear diapers for babies who are young and have no ability to take care of themselves. After the baby urinates, parents can take off the diaper appropriately to make it easier for him to crawl.

Try not to put your baby in a baby chair or walker

When many mothers take care of their baby, they like to put him in a baby chair or walker. But the editor would like to remind everyone that if you want your baby to develop better, it is best not to use these things for your baby. Although a baby chair or walker can reduce the burden of raising a baby on parents, it is of no use to the normal development of the baby.

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