Should a mother buy a playpen?

Should a mother buy a playpen?

Although a baby playpen can save you effort and prevent accidents, these problems should not be solved this way. In addition to the dangers of playpens themselves, we also need to understand the importance of exploration for toddlers.

After babies learn to crawl, their daily exploration of the surrounding environment plays an important role in their growth and development. The word "pen" means confining the baby to a small area. Although it protects him from attacks by other children in the family and from dangerous elements in the home, it also prevents him from moving around.

Early childhood education experts once observed hundreds of babies in pens and finally concluded that all babies will become bored after staying in them for 20 minutes at most. It is a poor way to raise babies to let them feel bored. Although many businesses call the baby playpen a "baby's playground", it is essentially a playpen.

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It is inevitable for a crawling baby to create chaos at home. If a 10-month-old baby has the ability to make a mess at home, this is actually a good sign, because the development of new abilities goes hand in hand with the baby's need to explore. , so we tirelessly explore the environment. If the baby is not interested in exploring the environment at all, it is best for parents to take the child to see a doctor to determine whether there are other factors affecting the baby. Because all babies will show a strong desire to explore the environment, unless the child is unhealthy.

If parents give their crawling babies the opportunity to explore and allow them to crawl around, they will definitely have to spend time and energy tidying up the room. It makes sense logically, because during the long period of time before he could not crawl, the baby could only watch the things he was interested in and had no choice but to do anything. He had a strong expectation to explore.

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