Why are baby playpens so popular?

Why are baby playpens so popular?

One-year-old Xiaobao has slowly begun to master the skill of walking, so she spends most of her time crawling and walking around. Home is a fun playground for her. Last night, when she wanted to stand up and get the toys on the table, she slipped and fell forward. By chance, her gum hit the corner of the table, causing a wound and bleeding. Fortunately, she hadn't grown teeth yet, so No damage to the teeth.

After experiencing this incident, Bao's father suggested that I buy a playpen in the evening so that the children could play in the playpen. This way the children would have an activity area and avoid such an accident from happening again. In the end, after I analyzed the pros and cons to him, we just decided to replace the children's socks with non-slip socks.

Speaking of baby playpens, all mothers are familiar with them. They do play an important role in preventing accidents for babies, so dads will think of them as soon as possible after their children are injured.

After the baby learns to crawl, he has to explore the surrounding environment every day. Faced with a baby that starts to crawl, the pressure on parents will also increase greatly. The main reason is that they are afraid of accidents with their children, and they are also worried that the baby will cause damage to the home, and they themselves will have to Spend time and effort tidying up.

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Children who have just learned to crawl are very interested in things they can see or get, and they like to use their mouths to explore the features of things, and they also lack control over their bodies. Because they don't know what is fragile or precious, they can easily tear out the crab claws you have worked so hard to raise, or break glasses or handicrafts.

10-month-old babies are already very interested in crawling. They are very good at climbing steps or climbing to a height of 40 centimeters, but they are often attracted by other things while crawling, making them forget where they are. , if you turn around or step back, you are likely to fall. Confining children to a safe area sounds like a good choice, so many parents choose playpens.

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