What products should I prepare if I have a toddler at home?

What products should I prepare if I have a toddler at home?

When preparing to welcome a toddler, here are some product and item suggestions:

Playpen: A baby playpen provides a safe space where a young child can move freely and explore. They can crawl, stand, walk and play freely within the enclosure while being protected by their guardians.

Indoor and outdoor playpen for baby

Stroller: Choose a stroller that is durable and easy to maneuver to provide comfortable and safe support for your little one during outdoor walks.

Infant safety seat: If you often travel with a child in the car, make sure you purchase an infant safety seat that meets safety standards to ensure your child's safety in the car.

Baby care products: including baby diapers, wet wipes, baby toiletries and baby skin care products, etc. These products are essential for maintaining the hygiene and comfort of your little one.

Baby safety gates: To limit children's movement and protect them from potential dangers, install baby safety gates at stairwells or hazardous areas.

Baby monitor: A baby monitor can help you monitor your child's activities at all times and ensure their safety.

Baby toys: Choose toys suitable for toddlers, such as push and pull toys, activity centers and stuffed toys. These toys provide entertainment and promote motor and sensory development in children.

Anti-collision corner protection: Install anti-collision corner protection on table corners, cabinet corners and other places at home that are prone to collision to protect children from potential injuries.

Anti-slip mats: Using anti-slip mats on the floor can help your child gain better stability as they learn to walk.

Baby-safe socket covers: Use baby-safe socket covers to prevent children from inserting fingers or other objects into the socket.

Baby tableware and drinking utensils: When children begin to learn to eat on their own, prepare some baby utensils and drinking utensils suitable for them, such as bowls, spoons, cups, etc.

This is just a preliminary list that you can adjust and add to based on your specific needs and family situation. Additionally, make sure your home environment is safe and remove potentially dangerous items and obstacles to keep your children safe.

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