Collection: Baby playpen panels

Playpen panels are the wall or fence that forms part of the playpen and is used to enclose the baby's activity area. Here are some common playpen panel types:

Fixed panels: This type of panel is fixed to the floor or wall and is usually made from a sturdy material such as wood, metal, or plastic. Fixed panels provide a stable structure to the playpen, preventing babies from climbing out or beyond the confines of the playpen.

Movable panels: Movable panels are movable and adjustable and usually consist of connectors and removable panels. This type of panel allows you to adjust the shape and size of your fence as needed to accommodate different space and layout requirements.

Interactive panels: Some baby playpen panels are designed with various interactive elements, such as toys, music, interactive patterns, etc. These panels provide additional entertainment and learning value, promoting baby's sensory and cognitive development.

Transparent panels: Transparent panels are usually made of clear plastic or mesh material so that parents can clearly see the baby's activities in the playpen. Transparent panels provide better visibility and monitoring capabilities while keeping baby safe.

Expandable Panel: An expandable panel is a special panel that can be expanded or contracted as needed. They often have adjustable connectors or a folding design, allowing you to adjust the length and shape of the fence based on the size and needs of your space.