Collection: Baby trend playpen with bassinet

The Baby Trend playpen with bassinet is a popular option that combines a playpen with a detachable bassinet. This versatile design allows you to provide a safe sleeping and resting space for your baby, as well as a secure play area. Here are some key features and considerations of the Baby Trend playpen with bassinet:

Bassinet Attachment: The playpen includes a removable bassinet attachment that serves as a raised sleeping area for your baby. The bassinet is usually designed to be cozy and comfortable, providing a safe spot for your newborn to sleep.

Playpen Functionality: The playpen itself offers a secure and enclosed space for your baby to play, explore, or rest when they are awake. It includes mesh sides for visibility and airflow, ensuring your baby's safety and comfort.

Portability: Many Baby Trend playpens with bassinet are designed to be portable. They can be folded easily for storage or transport, making them convenient for use at home or when traveling.

Additional Features: Depending on the specific model, Baby Trend playpens with bassinet may include extra features such as a changing station, storage pockets, or a mobile with toys to entertain your baby.

Safety Considerations: Ensure that the playpen meets safety standards and has features such as a sturdy frame, secure locking mechanisms, and a firm and supportive mattress for the bassinet attachment. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper assembly and use.

When using a playpen with a bassinet, remember to follow safe sleep guidelines for your baby. Remove any loose bedding or pillows from the bassinet and ensure that your baby sleeps on their back. Always supervise your baby when they are in the playpen and avoid placing any objects inside that could pose a suffocation or choking hazard.