How to practice self-care as a new mom

How to practice self-care as a new mom

No matter how much (or little) time you have, give yourself some postpartum pampering.

Fill up your own cup first, right? Taking care of your baby actually starts with taking care of yourself. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, there are some simple ways to get into the habit of spending time alone.

Self-care sometimes comes in small ways. Once your baby is tucked in, a cozy blanket and a good dose of drama are the perfect relaxing activities. Give yourself permission to skip the laundry (promise it will be there tomorrow) and allow yourself to rest and recharge before heading out. Go to bed yourself.
Go ahead and treat yourself to a dinner on the couch – it’s okay to break the rules when you’re a mom! Order your favorite meal, or better yet, ask your partner or friend to play chef or arrange for delivery. Everything works better when you don't have to think.

If you're feeling a little uneasy about not being in the same room with your sleeping baby, know that's normal, but that's what a baby monitor is for: providing peace of mind.

Arrange spa services

Of course, leaving home is optional. Taking a warm bath can help your body recover from childbirth. Focus only on your buttocks during a sitz bath, or soak thoroughly in the tub after your doctor tells you everything is fine.
Just the scent of essential oils can help soothe your mood. Add a few drops to a diffuser and place it next to your bed or sofa and sit for a few minutes. Try lavender for its calming properties, or lemon to boost mood and focus.
Getting a manicure at home can also boost your mood. Maximize your self-care downtime by shining an LED therapy light on your face while your nails are dry; 30 minutes can boost your energy, improve your mood, and sharpen your focus, according to the Cleveland Clinic It even helps regulate sleep patterns.
You can also borrow your baby's moisturizer and give yourself a hand or foot massage, or use some leftover belly oil from your pregnancy to give your postpartum skin some love.

Writing down your feelings and experiences during transformative times in your life can also be therapeutic. So pick up a baby journal and keep it as a keepsake.

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