Parenting Plan – It’s important to buy a bed playpen for your child

Parenting Plan – It’s important to buy a bed playpen for your child

My second child has a very bad habit, that is, she always likes to crawl around when sleeping at night, and even rolls to the edge of the bed when she is asleep at night, making me look for him every night. I am worried that he will fall out of bed. After all, the child is still young and has no ability to protect himself. For this reason, he fell out of bed three times. Each time, I was scared and the baby was also scared and cried. .

For this reason, I definitely don’t dare to neglect things like this, for fear that the baby will be either long or short, but for the safety of the baby, I think it is very necessary to buy a protective bed playpen on the bed for the second baby, so that even if the baby is awake, I will be very safe. Peace of mind, at least I no longer have to worry about her falling off the bed.

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Although the baby's father often said to me after the baby fell out of the bed, it was my responsibility because I failed to take good care of the baby. But now with this protective rail on the bed, at least the baby has never fallen out of the bed again. Although Just bought it online, but it really does protect.

When we go to bed at night, I can fold up the protective barrier again. Even if the child rolls around at night, I am no longer afraid of him falling to the ground.

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